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MobileRecharge Software Development

We have developed high speed recharge software with full admin features where you can do online recharge business with following features

  • Create unlimited master distributors
  • Create unlimited distributors
  • Create unlimited Retailers
  • Add Recharge API
  • mobile recharge software with admin panel
  • mobile recharge android app
  • Sell API
  • Mobile recharge portal secured with IP
  • Get recharge admin Panel to manage all customers


All in one recharge admin panel

RC PANEL is a known name in the Recharge Industry and Offering its unique incredible Mobile Recharge Software. We are leading mobile Recharge software provider in India since 13 years.

The software is compatible with Multiple Mobile Recharge API

Get website and android application with your own brand name

Now you can add unlimited recharge api by yourself , No technical skill required.

Automatic add fund using UPI gateways

All types of robotic recharge api supports.

mobile recharge software

The software is completely secure with all the most recent requirements and difficulties of the business. Its support multi API Integrations, multi-payment gateways, bill Payments, utility bills, surcharge System, android os platform, and any sort of Web Services to join with any sort of Web-based Software.

We also provide online Recharge API, Mobile Recharge Software that supports instant recharge of mobiles, DTH, Data card services, postpaid, utility, gas, insurance, money transfer.

We provide for Single Sim Multi Recharge Software to which is able quite in reducing your running cost and removes the hassles of buying and maintaining multiple mobile phones and also maintaining balance from various types of Telecom operators. The best part is that we provide a recharging facility in Regard to all the service provider. RC Panel gives a powerful base for all those who want to discover or grow their online recharge company.

Mobile Recharge Software Development

Mobile recharge software development is a rapidly growing field that enables businesses to offer mobile recharge services to their customers. These services can be offered through a variety of channels, including online portals, mobile apps, and physical retail locations.

Recharge Admin

A mobile recharge software typically includes a recharge admin panel that allows businesses to manage their recharge operations, such as adding or removing recharge plans, monitoring transactions, and generating reports. The recharge admin panel also enables businesses to set up and manage their agents, who can sell recharge services on behalf of the business.

Recharge Gateway

The mobile recharge software also includes a recharge gateway that facilitates the transactions between the customer and the telecom operator. The recharge gateway is responsible for sending the recharge request to the operator, receiving the confirmation of the recharge, and updating the customer's account balance.

Advantages of Mobile Recharge Software Development

One of the key advantages of mobile recharge software development is that it allows businesses to offer mobile recharge services without the need to invest in expensive infrastructure or telecom licenses. This makes it an attractive option for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as for entrepreneurs who want to start their own mobile recharge business.

Another advantage of mobile recharge software development is that it can be integrated with other systems and services, such as accounting software, inventory management systems, and CRM systems. This enables businesses to streamline their operations and improve their efficiency.

White Label Mobile Recharge Services

White label mobile recharge services are another popular option for businesses that want to offer mobile recharge services. White label services are provided by a third-party provider who develops and manages the mobile recharge software on behalf of the business. The business can then offer the mobile recharge services under its own brand, while the third-party provider handles the technical aspects of the service.

White label mobile recharge services are a great option for businesses that want to offer mobile recharge services but do not have the resources or expertise to develop and manage the software themselves. They also enable businesses to quickly launch mobile recharge services, as the provider already has the infrastructure and telecom licenses in place.


In summary, mobile recharge software development is a rapidly growing field that enables businesses to offer mobile recharge services to their customers through a variety of channels. These services can be managed through a recharge admin panel and integrated with other systems and services. White label mobile recharge services are also available, which are provided by a third-party provider on behalf of the business. With the increase in the use of mobile phones and the need for people to stay connected, mobile recharge software development is a great opportunity for businesses and entrepreneurs to offer value-added services to their customers.

Services Included

White Label website with your branding

Get free website with any white lable plan for Mobile recharge software, money transfer portal, bulks sms portal etc

  • Your domain
  • Your logo
  • Your contact details
  • Your company branding
mullti recharge website

B2b Recharge Software

Rc Panel Recharge software, Supports All Mobile , DTH, Data Card, Postpaid Bill payment. Create Unlimited Master Distributors, Distributors and Retailers. High speed recharge system based on online , offline, and through mobile App.

  • Create master distributors
  • Create distributors
  • Create retailes/agent
  • Online/offline recharge

Mobile Recharge Application

We provide recharge aplication in androide version with hi speed success page laod. It is simple and user friendly. It has so many feature like below

  • Recharge
  • Balance transfer
  • Check recharge history
  • Rise dispute
Adnroid recharge app
our support team for all on one recharge business

Life time support

Our dedicated support team will help you in any issue. We have experienced support team to handle any queries and issues with proper response

  • Phone support
  • Live chat support
  • Email support
  • Remote support

Mobile recharge API panel

Our API user or white lable software user will get api panel to monitor all the transaction in real time.

  • Check Actual balance
  • Generate Reports
  • Rise dispute
  • Payment request

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